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All rights reserved. Characterization of dysregulated miRNA expression profiles could give a better understanding of the development of pathological conditions and clinical disorders, such as autoimmune diseases with polygenic etiology, including idiopathic inflammatory myopathies IIMs.

IIMs are a group of rare autoimmune disorders characterized by skeletal weakness and inflammation. Polymyositis PM is one of the conditions of autoimmune myopathies with proximal skeletal muscle weakness. To determine the role of myomiRs in the development and progression of PM, we performed an initial skeletal muscle miRNA profiling using microarray technique at diagnosis.

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As a results of microarray investigation, most systemic autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis the myomiRs showed altered expression patterns in the muscle samples of PM patients compared to controls.

These results suggest that myomiRs, especially miR-1, miRa, miRb, miR, and miR function in a network, and are associated with the development of PM. MicroRNA research has intensively developed over the past decade.

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Some miRNAs are ubiquitously expressed in tissue, while others are tissue-specific or tissue-enriched. Alterations in the expression of miRNAs provide valuable information on the development of pathological conditions and clinical disorders. Thus, characterization of dysregulated miRNA expression profiles could give a better understanding of the development of immunological disturbances in autoimmune diseases with polygenic etiology, including idiopathic inflammatory myopathies IIMs.

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IIMs are a group of rare autoimmune disorders characterized by skeletal muscle weakness and inflammation 10 PM is one of the five conditions of autoimmune myopathies predominantly with proximal skeletal muscle weakness.

Not much was known about the pathogenesis of this systemic autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. MiRNAs represent a new and potentially exciting pathway to the future research into idiopathic inflammatory myopathies as well.

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Upregulation of immune-related miRNAs in muscle, for example, miR and miRb, is closely related to autoimmunity However, downregulation of miRNAs such as miR-1 and miR is associated with inhibition of muscle regeneration 16 MyomiRs are described as striated muscle-specific or muscle-enriched miRNAs MyomiRs are expressed in both cardiac and skeletal muscle with the exception of miR, which is skeletal muscle-specific, and miRa, which is a lábak ízületei fájnak az időjárástól muscle-specific 14 Table 1.

Some studies have proved that not all myomiRs are exclusively expressed in a muscle-specific manner but may be detected in low levels in other tissues 20 However, myomiRs main function is confined to muscle. MiR is sometimes considered muscle-enriched rather than muscle-specific as it is also expressed in other tissues.

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  • Data in Table 1 are organized according to the sequence of transfers, as shown in Fig.
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Skeletal muscle development is a complex process requiring coordination of multiple factors, which control the proliferation of myoblast, their exit from the cell cycle and subsequent differentiation into multinucleated myotubes MyomiRs affluence is regulated by myogenic regulatory factors in a negative feedback loop, through influencing many aspects of myogenesis. For example, miR-1 stimulates differentiation of myoblast, miR-1 and miR promotes myogenic differentiation Their network has a main role in the regulation of skeletal muscle plasticity by organizing changes in fiber type and muscle mass in response to altered contractile activity Table 1 The tissue specificity of myomiRs is scheduled either for the genomic location of their coding DNA within introns of myosin heavy chain genes or for transcriptional factors such as MyoD, Mef2, or muscle-specific transcriptional factors such as MyoD, Mef2, or Srf

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